Frankies General Trading provides the most reliable Construction material equipment. Our equipment’s make your work safe, reliable and efficient. Our name has been associated with quality equipment, reliable source and competitive prices serving local, regional and international markets.

Portable Concrete Mixer

i- Portable and economic type of mixer, used in concrete, mortar, fodder and the others in farm
ii- Electric, gasoline and diesel engine as the power source
iii- Thicken the drum wall for long service life
iv- Quality parts for stable working

A mixer is used to mix motar, screed and  concrete. We have a   selection of manual,   fuel   or   electric   cement  mixers   for   sale.  In  a range of drum capacities, find a concrete  mixer to complete any  job. Whether  you  need a heavy duty concrete mixer  or a simple paddle mixer, the Perfect Machinery will be sure to match your requirements

Tilting Drum Machine

Highly efficient, two piece heavy gauge, spun steel drum

Multi-position lockable drum

Fast Tow trailer models available with adjustable towbar, pneumatic tyres, mudguards and independent suspension

Available with Yanmar electric start diesel engine

WINGET mixers for sale in the EC are CE marked

WINGET is an ISO 9001 accredited company

Efficient after sales spares service through WINGET’S Worldwide Distributor Network.

All models capable of mixing at a rate of 12 batches per hour giving production output rates ranging from 1.2 to 2.4 cubic meters per hour.

Hand and-fed concrete mixers from 100 liters to 200 liters mixed batch output

Robustly engineered with fully enclosed drivelines, WINGET mixers provide safe, reliable performance and long service life

Positive, heavy duty driveline using roller chain, (belt drive on electric start) bevel wheel and pinion.

Double Drum Soil Compactation

Superior performance, easy start: 
vi- The use of international bran dname SAUER hydraulic drive unit,variable speed,reversing convenient

vii- Handrails using plane gear adjusting mechanism, flexible, can adapt to different height workers to operate;

viii- NSK Bearings by internationally renowned, MITSUBOSHI (Samsung) belt, to ensure that the work performance of the machine

Mainly used in foundation ditch, road, sports venues built compaction, can also be used to compact asphalt surface.


i- Famous hydraulic system.

ii- Excellent welt.

iii- Hydraulic steering,light and flexible

iv- Import of reversing handle

v- HONDA petrol or diesel engine,international brands, brand name quality assurance

Polishing Machine

Our Full Range of Cleaning and Polishing Machines

Hard Floors

i- High speed floor polisher machine/burnishers

ii- Ride-on sweepers

iii- Walk-behind sweeper

iv- Wide-on floor scrubber machines

v- Walk-behind scrubber

vi- High-pressure tile and grout cleaning equipment

vii- Battery-powered burnishers

viii- Floor-finish strippers

ix- Stone care and restoration equipment

Soft Floors

i- Backpack vacuums

ii- Wide area carpet vacuums

iii- Automatic carpet extractors

iv- Carpet extractors 

v- Effective and most appropriate carpet cleaning solutions 

vi- Planetary-movement carpet care equipment

vii- Downward-flow carpet air movers.

viii- Upright vacuums

Site Dumper

JCB 6T-1 Site Dumper

The JCB 6T-1 integrates JCB core componentry for maximised efficiency and performance.


i- 55kW JCB EcoMAX engine

ii- 6000kg payload

iii- 4900-5470kg unladen weight

iv- 4-speed permanent 4WD powershuttle transmission

v- A front camera as standard expands the operator’s visibility to comply with ISO 5006:2017

vi- Optional JCB SiTESAFE cab ensures operator safety

vii- Superior build quality and best-in-class skip strength

JCB 9T-1 Site Dumper

JCB’s largest site dumper, the 9T-1 is a designated front-tip machine offering a wealth of power and material handling capability.


i- 55kW JCB EcoMAX engine

ii- 9000kg payload

iii- 5460-5800kg unladen weight

iv- 4-speed permanent 4WD powershuttle transmission

v- Impact protective JCB SiTESAFE cab increases comfort and safety

vi- Superior build quality and best-in-class skip strength

vii- Front tip skip for ultimate high volume dumping

JCB 7T-1 Hi-Viz Site Dumper

Built with safety in mind, the JCB 7T-1 Hi-Viz was specifically designed to address industry concerns.


i- 55kw JCB EcoMAX engine

ii- 7000kg payload

iii- 5620kg unladen weight

iv- JCB SiTESAFE™ operator environment as standard

v- 4WD hydrostatic transmission with permanent 4WD

vi- Impact-protective front screen, toughened side and rear glass and reinforced frame for improved protection

JCB 1T-2 Site Dumper

The agile JCB 1T-2 site dumper benefits from tough components and exhaustive manufacturing processes.


i- 1kW Perkins engine

ii- 1000kg payload

iii- 1400kg unladen weight

iv- Narrow overall width (<1m with narrow tyres)

v- All-steel construction

vi- High-tip design provides additional reach

vii- Packed with safety features

JCB 3T-1 Site Dumper

With a payload of 3 tonnes, the JCB 3T-1 site dumpers are a good all-rounder, offering a balance of high performance and agility.


i- 4kW Kubota engine

ii- 3000kg payload

iii- 2325-2450kg unladen weight

iv- 4WD hydrostatic transmission

v- Superior build quality and best-in-class skip strength

vi- 360° service access through tilting seat-base and rear bonnet

JCB 6T-1 Hi-Viz Site Dumper

The latest addition to the industry’s safest dumper range with improved visibility and stability.


i- 55kW JCB EcoMAX engine

ii- 6000kg payload

iii- 5575kg unladen weight

iv- 77% greater visibility than a conventional 6 tonne dumper

v- 16% lower payload centre of gravity than a conventional 6 tonne dumper

vi- ROPS/FOPS Level II with JCB SiTESAFE™ cab as standard

Concrete Mixer

The range of products is split into four lines:

i- Mixing (concrete and mortar mixers)

ii- Hoisting (gantry and scaffold hoists, ladder hoists, various hoisting accessories and mini conveyors);

iii- Cutting (tile, masonry and floor saws and joint cutters);

iv- Compacting (tamping rammers, plate compactors, vibrating rollers and power floats).

A concrete mixer features a round rotating barrel-like drum with paddles fastened to the inside of the drum. In operation, the drum tips up at an angle and a gasoline engine or electric motor rotates the drum. One end of the drum is open for loading the concrete ingredients and unloading the finished concrete.

A mixer is used to mix motar, screed and concrete. We have a selection of manual, fuel or electric cement mixers for sale. In a range of drum capacities, find a concrete mixer to complete any job. Whether you need a heavy duty concrete mixer or a simple paddle mixer, the Perfect Machinery will be sure to match your requirements.

Jack Hammer

Tools   for   any   type   of demolition   work.  Ideally suited   for   demolition  of foundations,   walls   of   concrete   and   bricks,   cutting   and  breaking pavements, trenching; temping, pile driving and many other application

Air hammers use air compression to work. Air compressors are large tanks of air  with  motors  attached.  Hand-held  models  of  air  hammers  use tubes connected to an air tank. The motor fills the tank with air that is pressurized. This pressurized air travels through the tube to the air hammer, thus making the  air  hammer  operational.  Each  air  hammer  varies  on  the  size  of compressor  it  needs  to  perform.  Smaller   air   hammers   need   smaller  compressors while larger models need larger compressors. The difference in size of air hammers to  air  compressors  vary  according  to the cubic feet per minute, or CFM and the pounds per square inch, or PSI required for the specific air hammer model being used.

Wood Saw Electric Cutter

Table Wood Saw

i- Italian Make

ii- 5.5 Horse Power Motor

iii- Rigid Frame

iv- 3 Phase

v- Safety Switch

vi- Operator Safety Guard

Electric Hoist KTD1000

i- Italian Make.

ii- 3 KW Horse Power Motor.

iii- 1 000 KG Capacity.

iv- 3 Phase.

v- Overload Safety Switch

i- A hardworking saw with the power to rip through most materials.

ii- Sturdy steel safety cover with industrial durability.

iii- High rigidity of rugged steel base provides stability.

iv- Flat-end motor housing for easy blade changes

Steel Bar Cutter

We sell Icaro Bar Bending Machines & Icaro Bar cutting machines, plus some other Durable Brands

i- Icaro Bar cutting Machine Mechanical type.

ii- ​Italian Make.

iii- 8mm-44mm Cutting Capacity.

iv- Overload Safety Switch

v- 3 Phase 380 Volts

vi- Durable Long Life Machine

vii- Mechanical Fast Cutting Machine

viii- CE Certified

Screw Compressor Machines


i- 70-400 CFM Perkins Engine Powered Range

ii- 70-250CFM Kubota Engine Powered Range

iii- 800 CFM-875 CFM Powered By Perkins

Features and benefits

i- Engines – The engine as one of the key components has a direct influence on the reliability of the machine. We are using engines with power reserve to offer higher reliability and longer life time. The engine RPM in our portable range is optimally set up based on performance curve. It means very low fuel consumption.

ii- Control system – Two stages proportional control system is the next benefit which markedly reduces fuel consumption. The control system perfectly controls the current air consumption to optimize energy for compressed air needed and it leads to extra fuel saving for the customer.

iii- Air ends – The proven air ends in our portable range provide high reliability during the life time of the machine. The latest generation of screw profile has excellent characteristics in efficiency and noise level point of view.

iv- Safety system – The safety system monitors coolant temperature, engine oil pressure and compressor oil temperature. If any of the mentioned parameters are exceeded, the machine will shut down or change to stand-by mode automatically.

v- Undercarriages – We use galvanized, fully certified undercarriages in accordance with EU standards. Based on customer demands we could offer several options like: fix height tow bar, braked or un-braked or variable height tow bar braked or un-braked

vi- Canopies – The canopy reduces the noise level in accordance with EU environmental rules and restrictions. We pay high attention to protect our machine against corrosion. The top and bottom parts of the canopy of our portable range are iron phosphate and powder coated which is approximate to automotive standard.

Asphalt Plant

From  standard  models  to  customized  variations, AMMANN  builds  asphalt  mixing    plants    for      every  market   need   and   virtually   every    customer requirement  Mobile and semi-mobile asphalt mixing plants with few transport units  are  the  preferred choice  in  regions   with little infrastructure. Stationary high-performance plants,  on the other  hand,  are  found  in metropolitan areas where they meet the asphalt requirements of an entire region over decades.No matter  which  solution  you choose:  AMMANN  always places   emphasis  on  providing  the  best  overall solution  that  guarantees flexible  and  economical plant  utilization – reliably  and   throughout   its   entire lifespan. Over 4000 AMMANN   asphalt  mixing   plants   installed   across   the   globe   provide corresponding proof day in, day out.

All AMMANN asphalt mixing plants are equipped with the latest generation of core components, all of which are manufactured in Switzerland. They include the screens, mixers, filters, dryer drums and Oertli Induflame burners. (AMMANN Group acquired the Oertli Induflame company in 2005).

Black Marble Tile Cutter

Mondial Mec tile cutting machines, marble cutting machines and block cutting machine which are high quality italian make proven its durability in the United Arab Emirates construction projects.

Mondial Mec Block Cutter

i- Italian Make

ii- 4KW 400 VOLTS Or 2.2KW 220Volts

iii- 615 cm Length Table

iv- 1400 RPM

v- 600mm Disk Can Be Fitted

vi- Suitable For cutting Block and Carbestone

Mondial Mec Tile Cutting Machine

i- Italian Make

ii- 2.7KW 400 VOLTS Or 2.2KW 220Volts

iii- 140-160 cm Length Table

iv- 1400 RPM

v- 550mm Disk Can Be Fitted

vi- Suitable for cutting Tile & Block & Marble

Mondial Mec Curbestone Cutting Machine

i- Italian Make

ii- 2.2-7.5KW 400 VOLTS Or 2.2-2.6KW 220Volts

iii- 650mm-1000m cutting Disk can be fit

iv- 900-1400 RPM 

v- 400-600mm Cutting Length.

vi- 250-400mm cutting Depth.

vii- Suitable for cutting Blocks and Carbestone

Concrete Plant


TRUSEEN can easily cover its customers requests with its stationary concrete batching plants in different capacities and specifications. TRUSEEN has a wide range of Stationary Concrete Batching Plants which have production capacity from 25 m³/h to 180 m³/h of one mixer. In addition, the capacity  of Stationary Concrete Batching Plants with double mixers on the same chassis can reach 240 m³/h  to  360 m³/h.  HZS 35 Concrete   Batching  Plants are composed of mixing, batching and electrical control system etc. It is suitable for small-scale construction site

The options of different layout is according to the requirements of customers.

The quantity of cement silo and screw conveyor can be choosed by users.

Main features:

i- Theory Capacity:35m³/h

ii- The Host is used JS 750 twin-shaft forced type concrete mixer which has good mixing quality and high efficiency.

iii- The Batching Machine of ingredients has high measurement accuracy and production efficiency.

iv- Cement water liquid additive ingredients are used in electronic scales of measurement high dosing accuracy.

v- Siphon pump pressurized water system uses the principle of the water flow speed spray evenly.

vi- Electrical control system main components are all imported reliable performance easy operation the print function.

vii- Control system:PC+PLC control system ensures high reliability Simple/Standard for optional as your requirements

Concrete Surfacing

Power Trowel-Power Float-Vibrating Screed

Frankies General trading LLC  sells  power  trowels Palme  Brand  and  Breaker Brand,  Italian  make and Turkish make both are durable  with  safety features to protect the operator.  Our  power  floats are  equipped  with  Robin Gasoline engine made in Japan.  We sell also vibrating screed TechnoFlex brand made in Spain  equipped with Honda engine.

Breaker Power Trowel

i- Italian Make

ii- Saftey  shutdown switch.

iii- Robin Engine 10 HP.

iv- Different sizes 600mm-2100mm Working Area

v- CE Certified

Palme Power Trowel PP900 model

i- Turkish Make.

ii- Saftey  shutdown switch.

iii- Robin Engine 10 HP.

iv- 915mm Blade Dia

v- CE Certified

TechnoFlex Leveling Screed

i- Spanish Make.

ii- Saftey  shutdown switch.

iii- Robin Engine 1.1HP

iv- Centrifugal force 1.5 N

v- CE Cetified

Concrete Vibrator

Frankies General Trading LLC, sells concrete vibrators with pokers shafts.  Our concrete vibrators include Diesel concrete  vibrators, petrol concrete  vibrators,  electric concrete   vibrator,   high frequency   concrete  vibrators   &   external concrete vibrators.

TechnoFlex Rabbit Electric concrete Vibrator

i- Double insulated motor

ii- Light Weight

iii- Quick disconnection between the shaft & vibrator

iv- 18000 RPM

v- Single Phase 230 volts or 115 volts

TechnoFlex Sangla Electric concrete Vibrator

i- Double insulated motor

ii- Light Weight

iii- Quick disconnection between the shaft & vibrator

iv- 18000 RPM

v- Single Phase 230 volts or 115 volts

TechnoFlex Mechanical concrete Poker Shaft

i- Head Sizes 26-60mm.

ii- Dynapac Coupling.

iii- 3000 RPM.

iv- 6 Meters Long.

v- Flexible Rubber Shaft.

vi- Spain Made

Cutting Machine Concrete

Frankies  General  Trading LLC,  sells   reputable Asphalt  cutting  machines & concrete cutting machines. We  sell  Asphalt cutting   machines   powered  by Lombardini Diesel engines that can cut up to 21 cm in Asphalt or concrete. We sell also concrete & asphalt cutting machines that can cut up to 18 cm depth powered by single cylinder Diesel engine or Gasoline, Robin Engine

Breaker Asphalt Cutter Gasoline Engine

i- Italian Make.

ii- Subaru Engine EX-17 7HP Engine.

iii- Recoil Start.

iv- Max Blade Size 350.

v- 28 liter Water Tank

vi- Max Cutting Depth 130 mm.

vii- Cutting Gauge Hand wheel operated.

viii- Weight 63 KG.

ix- CE Certified

Palme  Asphalt Cutter Gasoline Engine

i- Turkish Make.

ii- Subaru Engine 17HP Engine.

iii- Recoil Start.

iv- Blade Size 300-450mm.

v- 40 liter Water Tank

vi- Max Cutting Depth 150 mm.

vii- Cutting Gauge Hand wheel operated.

viii- Weight 152 KG.

ix- CE Certified