Frankies General Trading provides materials handling solutions to business in UAE. We pride ourselves on offering the best one-stop-shop materials handling solution. We look after our customer needs well, which is why we are one of the UAE’s leading company today.


Our   line    of   products    ranges    from   3  TON   Electrical    and   Diesel  Engine   to   50   TON  Diesel  Monster   truck   Forklift

Frankies  is  a  leading suppliers  of  high  quality & performance  Lift  Trucks (Forklifts). The range includes Electric, Gas and Diesel powered lift trucks, in the warehousing range, we have a wide range of diesel and electric forklifts suited for every industry

Bendi & Drexel

Both Bendi and Drexel VNAs are designed to operate both indoors and outdoors. Moreover the Forklifts are suitable for container applications.

i- Mini Scissor Lifts   

ii- Electric Scissors Lifts

iii- Diesel Electric Scissers Lifts

iv- Articulated Boom Lifts

v- Crawler Access Platforms

LANDOLL  CORPORATION (U.S.A)  is a  pioneer  in  the   field  of manufacturing innovative  Forklift  trucks   for   VNA (Very Narrow Aisle)  applications  with the objective of more  space   for   storage.   Landoll  manufactures  two different kinds   of    VNA  Trucks  namely  BENDI & DREXEL Landoll produces various models to  suit  different  loads   and      heights applications.

Scissor Lifts & Boom Lifts

Diesel-Electric Scissor Lifts

Model: IM 180 SERIES

Two models with working height 12.80 m and 14.80 m. Capacity 500 kg and 400 kg. Traction allowed at max. height and with full rated load. Hydraulic transmission 2WD. Ideal for any terrain. Customizable with diesel, electric or diesel-electric engines. For outdoor and indoor use. 

Model: IT 220 SERIES 

Two models with working height 16,40 m and 19 m. Capacity 800 kg and 540 kg (including 3 persons). 4WD hydrostatic transmission. Ideal for any terrain. Automatic levelling outriggers for levelling the machine on rough terrain. Diesel version and electric version. For indoor/outdoor use

We are providing Articulated boom lifts with best gradability and carriying capacity

Model: IT 100 E

Working height 12,20 m. Capacity 220 kg. Drivable at full height and outreach without any restriction. For indoor/outdoor use 

Model: IT 100 E 

Working height 17,60 m.Capacity 220 kg. Drivable at full height and outreach without any restriction. For indoor/outdoor use


Liftking has over 10,000 units operating worldwide with dealers that sell and service Liftking products around the globe. Liftking has proven over the years it can compete on quality, specifications, ergonomics, price, and delivery in the Material Handling field. Liftking has proven over the years it can compete on quality, specifications, ergonomics, price and delivery in the Material Handling field


Liftking is home to a complete line of Rough Terrain and All Terrain Forklifts and Forktrucks, Container Handlers, Military Forklifts, Straight Mast Forklifts, and other Rough Terrain Material Handling Equipment.


Manitex TM200 (2085T) 20-Ton Boom Truck Crane

20-Ton (18.1 mton) Capacity 6-Section 85’ (25.9m) Combination Sequential & Proportional   Telescopic   Boom 95’   (28.95 m)   Maximum   Main  Boom Tip Height 19’-8” (6 m)  Out-and-Down   Outriggers  Fully  Extended  7’-5”  (2.25 m)  H-Style    Rear    Stabilizers.   A-Frame   or  Out-and-down   stabilizers   optional  2-Speed   Planetary  Hoist  with Grooved Drum and Negative Draft  Flange Load  Moment  Indicator  with  Digital  Display,  CAN Bus,  Overload  Shutdown Externally  Wired   Anti   two   Block.   Internally   Wired  Anti two Block option. Rugged,   Weatherproof  Electrical System with Circuit Status LEDs Removable Boom Rest System Pressure Gauge Clamp-On Mounting Manitex UPTime

New Manitex TM200 mounted on new 2019 Peterilt 567 Tractor

New Manitex 2085T mounted on NEW 2019 Peterbilt 567 Tractor, 20 ton, 85′ Six-Section  Boom, Cummins  X15  500   HP & 1650 FT/LB, Eaton 13-Speed, 60K gvw, Continuous rotation, Out-And-down Mainframe Outriggers, H-Style Rear stabilizers, Front bumper outrigger, Block & ball